I have been using a third party website to read technical news articles published in different news sources. And I have been using it on a daily basis to read the news from the tech sphere. The landing page of the webpage had different sections for different news sources and many of them were quite irrelevant for me. This issue coupled with the thought that I will be depending on another person's personal project to fetch the news, which he might decide to take down anyday, gave me an idea to build a custom web app for myself, suiting my needs. At the same time, I have been going through React Hooks tutorials, and this gave me an oppurtunity to create a simple web app based on ReactJS. And this led to the creation of

The frontend web app was quickly assembled using ReactJS and to retrieve the news feed, I decided to use Golang to create the backend service. The backend service uses both developer apis and RSS feed to gather news information. The backend service will then format it to a customized json formatted data and will be served to the React app upon request. The news feed will be updated by the golang app at periodic intervals as specified.

It was a fun project to play around with React and Golang and I am using this as my morning news paper for glancing at the different events happening in the tech domain.

The source code of the project can be found below,